2016 Sydney Horse Expo
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2016 Sydney Horse Expo

Welcome to the second annual Sydney Horse Expo!

In 2016, the Expo will offer a combination of equine entertainment, top-notch horse show classes, how-to demonstrations and plenty of great products from Maritime vendors.

We are pleased to welcome Terry Grant to the second annual Sydney Horse Expo. Terry, the star of the first six seasons of the OLN hit series Mantrackerused his uncanny ability to read wilderness signs and track prey to make Mantracker one of the most highly rated reality shows on television.

And, for the very first time in the Maritimes, we are delighted to feature Charles Etienne Menard ‘Liberte’ an artist and equestrian entertainer. See his horses work for him of their own free will.

Sydney Horse Expo also showcases local riders and horses – come out for the day or the week-end to witness incredible competition.

Thank you to all our sponsors, vendors and fans – your support makes the Sydney Horse Expo a top destination for Maritime competitors.

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