2017 Sydney Horse Expo

Welcome to the third annual Sydney Horse Expo!

I am delighted to have you participate and share in the 3rd Annual Sydney Horse Expo!

I was extremely pleased with our second Horse Expo in 2016. We had incredible support from sponsors, fantastic entertainment, a great turn out of skilled riders and horses and most importantly spectators who joined us for the fun!

In 2017, we will keep the momentum going by offering top-notch horse show classes, demonstrations and plenty of great products from Maritime vendors. I am very happy to take this opportunity to invite you to join us at the Sydney Horse Expo for a day or an entire weekend of entertainment. There is something for everyone, whether horses are your passion or you are just beginning your horse journey. Come out and experience the Sydney Horse Expo.

We are honoured to have the Knights Of Valour, Full on Jousting perform live at the Sydney Horse Expo, on Thursday 20th. A first here in the Maritimes! Since 1997, the Knights of Valour have been entertainig North American audiences with exciting shows of horsemanship, bravery, and chivalry.

Our horse show will showcase local riders and horses as they compete at each level of the sport and I wish them all the best of luck. A huge thank you goes out to our all of our sponsors as your support makes the Sydney Horse Expo a top destination for Maritime competitors. Finally, we thank our returning sponsors, patrons and volunteers for their continued support and effort to make the Sydney Horse Expo a success. Your contributions are essential to growing and improving the Horse Expo.

Best of wishes go out to all Expo participants and competitors for a successful and enjoyable event. And a very warm welcome to all our visitors!

The latest news and developments can be found on the Sydney Horse Expo Facebook page.

Paul MacDonald, Manager Centre 200

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